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Driving license results on the spot - Nepal

Acting on strict instructions issued by Home Secretary Leela Mani Paudyal, Traffic Police have introduced a new system of announcing on the spot the results of vehicle practical tests for driving licenses.

"We have just begun this new system in a bid to curb rampant irregularities," said Bigyan Raj Sharma, chief of Metropolitan Traffic Police, adding," The new system will help control corruption rife in the issuance of driving licenses." 

Home Secretary Paudyal, following massive complaints of corruption in issuing licenses, recently instructed Traffic Police to promptly introduce a system of announcing driving practical results on the spot, and scrap the old system of sending the practical results to the Transport Management Office for publication.

Hitherto, the authorities used to prepare a list of those who appeared in the practicals in the morning and publish the results at the Office of Transport Management at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur in the evening.

"Preparing the list at the practical spots in the morning and announcing the results at the Transport Management Office in the evening had long contributed to anomalies in the issuance of driving licenses," said a source, adding, "The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has issued fresh instructions to stem the malady."

According to Traffic Police chief Sharma, they have started to give out a small chit to those appearing in the practicals, informing them individually about the results immediately after.

"We issue chits on the spot informing those who appeared in the practicals," Sharma said, adding, "We prepare a list of those to whom we issue chits and keep a copy with us for the record. We also publish the trial results on the spot". Another copy of the document will be sent to the Transport Management Office for its records.

"Issuing driving licenses is a very sensitive issue," Sharma said, adding, "Now onwards there will be no compromise in maintaining transparency in this."

As per the new system, those who attend the practicals will get their result at the practical spot itself and they won´t have to go to the Transport Office, neither will they need to wait a day for the results. There have been complaints that malpractices used to take place while preparing the list at the practical spots in the morning and preparing the results for announcing them through the Transport Office in the evening.

At present, on average 300 licenses are issued a day for motorcyclists while more than 100 licenses are issued for motorists.

"The trend of issuing forged licenses for bribes has been a prime cause of road accidents, especially in Kathmandu Valley," Sharma added, "Close Circuit Television (CCTVs) installed at the pracical spots has also become ineffective due to lack of a monitoring mechanism. This new system will check whether there has been any malpractice in the issuance of licenses."

Currently, vehicle trails are conducted from two spots--National Trading Centre, Bhadrakali and Sajha Yatayat, Pulchowk.

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