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Big Boss 5 sex questions shocks & angers Nihita Biswas's family back in Nepal

Nihita Biswas Sobhraj become the first contestant from Nepal to take part in Indian TV channel Color's reality show Bigg Boss 5. But at Kathmandu her family's moment of pride turned into shock and anger at the questions that were asked. "I was shocked," said Nihita's mother Shakuntala Thapa, a senior lawyer practising at Nepal's Supreme Court, reacting to the question posed by one of the participants, news anchor Mandeep Belvi. "Did you have sex with Sobhraj?" Belvi had asked Nihita after learning the young Nepali woman was the wife of Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj, branded the "Bikini Killer" by the tabloids in the 1970s when he was accused of a series of tourist killings in several Asian countries -- a charge that he has denied all through his career in crime. When a blushing Nihita sought to parry the question, the next query was why did she marry him then. 

 Nihita Biswas in Big Boss Season 5 (wife of Charles Sobhraj)

Though Nepal's apex court recently ruled prisoners should be allowed their conjugal rights, it has not been implemented by the prison authorities and is likely to remain an impossibility given how the prisons are crowded and lacking funds and other resources. Nihita says she fell in love with Sobhraj, who is 44 years older, at first sight when she visited him in Kathmandu's Central Prison after she heard he was looking for a Nepali interpreter for his visiting French lawyer. 

Bigg Boss 5 - House inmate No. 4, Nihita Biswas (Episode. 1)

The romance blossomed into a "marriage" inside the prison three years ago during the festival time when prisoners were allowed to mingle with visitors. However, beyond a ritualistic exchange of garlands and rings, there has been no actual consummation of the marriage that made Nihita the butt of ridicule and scathing public criticism.

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